Who's the boss? Definitely not Tony Danza or Muammar Gaddafi

As someone with an inherently juvenile approach to authority, it’s not often I have nice things to say about those in charge. But today, on his last day in the office before his departure to Malawi, I dedicate this post to my organisation’s magnanimous leader and guiding light Mahimbo. Not only is he an inspirational humanitarian, he is a sartorial master.

When I met Mahimbo over a year ago I was confused; why is this Tanzanian man dressed as the late Muammar Gaddafi? what’s with the hipster glasses? and why is he bossing me around in a voice that sounds like Dizzy Rascal? These questions are still unanswered but one fact remains, Mahimbo’s unwavering dedication to fashion will continue to command respect and adoration from those around him. Farewell Mahimbo. You are a fine leader, a great bloke and a doyenne of style who will be missed by all.

Mahimbo takes a break from the cholera response while dressed in one of his 237 Gaddafi style mumus teamed with matching hat and birkenstocks.