Ibrahim and many others are the best dressed Okada drivers in Freetown

I previously featured Ibrahim, the best dressed Okada driver in town. In truth, there are dozens of best dressed drivers. Given that most of these guys are doing it tough out there on the roads with a measly wardrobe budget, their talent for throwing together a mash-up of vintage, designer and high street is truly impressive.

I.B Love is a common nickname for anyone called Ibrahim in Sierra Leone and there are a truckload of Ibrahims and just as many I.B Loves. I have at least seven in my phone. I bet none of them are as styling as this one though, well except of course the original Ibrahim, the best dressed Okada driver in town. I.B's neon checkered hoodie is balanced so nicely with the genuine Louis Vuitton manbag (yes I know there was that Hermes incident but I checked the lining and I think it is the real deal). I.B loving you indeed. 

Foday has a bad case of hipsteritis in this Versace quick-dry tracksuit top. And the message on his bike is a wise one -  'Be Tolerent' - particularly of incorrect spelling.

Mohammed whips up a drama with that hat which looks like it’s straight out of a props box from an amateur theatrical society. Hello Governor!

Sequence J. Kamara, yes there is some merit to your outfit but it's your name that's getting me excited.

Never has a brown tweed blazer been this much fun. And what's going on behind those glasses Amadu?