The higher the wrap the closer to god

Who doesn't love a head wrap? It's a Sierra Leonian staple that's been regularly captured on this site. Some of the best examples I've seen have been at the Sanctuary Praise Church in Freetown, where the ladies of the sunday congregation don't hold back when it comes to busting out  their favourite wrap. 

Alice is a vision in all-matching new season purple. This handsome wrap is classically shaped in a neat oval which packs both punch and pizazz (pizazz, now there's a word that should be used more often in the pages of vogue) while adding several inches to her height.

Agnes's fabulous pink wrap is less about size than shape, delving into an aesthetic that can only be described as wabi sabi. 

Height and volume are what jumps out at you with this wrap. Isatu's sculptural showpiece may block the view of those sitting behind her at church, but staring at this masterpiece for three hours is surely not such a bad thing?

Volume, sculpture, texture, colour - Khadija's wrap covers all bases. The shoulder sash adds a sophisticated reverence to this gorgeous ensemble that could easily take her from church, to lunch, to a meander round the market and home again for the sunday night movie on DSTV.