Victorious fashions

The elections are over and the results have been called but the jubilant APC supporters aren't ready to hang up the red threads just yet. 

Poloroid photographer Daniel Sesay brings some restraint to the election fashion parade with this sophisticated linen jacket and matching tie.

Merchandise seller Hamza hopes the red trend never ends as he's still got three car boot loads of red belts, Ernest Bai Koroma badges and red framed fake Ray Bans to offload. 

When word got out that SLPP supporter Mr Samuel Koroma had worn the world's biggest tie, to a rally last week, a bitter rivalry erupted from the APC camp who lashed back with the world's smallest tie. Mr Foday Evans said his tie is just 35cm long. 

Michelle Obama, if you're still undecided about an inauguration outfit,  I think we've found you one. Sheka Kargbo is owning this 80s vintage Karin Stevens faux linen suit cinched elegantly at the waist with a patent leather belt and teamed with a policeman's hat.