Mariama's work wardrobe never gets tired

Freetown barmaid Mariama works at my local boozer ‘The Plum Store’, where everybody really does know your name. I’ve been admiring her work wardrobe for several weeks now. She's a bit of a one trick pony – something skinny on the bottom and tight on top - but it’s the way she jazzes it up with some thoughtful accessories that keeps the look interesting. And I don't think I've ever seen her in the same outfit twice.

This is classic Mariama. Tights and a tank. But what we need to look at here is the shoe - a plastic flip-flop with a multi-coloured bauble feature. Not only fun and stylish but practical during the rains.

Mariama is a ray of sunshine in this streamlined yellow matchy top and bottom. And you have to admit the hat is cute.

This contemporary look is full of I-don't-take-no-sh*t barmaid attitude. Perfect for slamming ashtrays down on the table and side-eyeing drunk customers.

Back to the streamlined matchy but this time in white. A brave colour choice in a town that, by the end of the day, often leaves me looking like I've been in a mud wrestling pit.